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Bulgaria is a country rich in mineral waters discovered and developed centuries ago.
Bulgaria has over 200 mineral springs: 148 in the southern part and 77 in the northern. Their temperature varies between 37 to 55 degrees Celsius. Most of the places are now SPA centers with modern facilities and accommodations.

Most popular sites with mineral water are:

The capital is famous with its warm mineral water spouts just outside the beautiful building of the Central Mineral Baths located in the center of the city. Both locals and tourists can enjoy it and drink for free. There are also springs in the area of Knyazhevo and Gorna Banya.

The town lies 90 km southwest of Sofia and during the ancient times it is known also as the “town of the baths”. The Romans built the famous Pautalia baths here in 2 century A.D. on 1000 sq.m. territory. Nowadays this is the second largest bath complex in Bulgaria.

This is the most famous SPA resort in Southwestern part of the country. The town is located 20 km north from the Greek border in a peaceful quite area with lots of interesting places around to be seen. Near Sandanski is Melnik: the smallest town in Bulgaria.

Known as the “SPA capital of the Balkans” the town is located in Western Rhodopes mountain, 80 km southwest of Plovdiv. Velingrad is famous tourist destination: it has a small cozy center, lots of parks and hotels with mineral springs and pools with hot mineral water. You can also go to try mountain biking and skiing.

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